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About Us

Welcome to Best Products No.1 Website


About the Website

The Best Products No.1 website is designed for affiliate marketing online, to promote the best digital products and the best physical products as well as the best affiliate marketing programs and the best affiliate marketing services to make money online and to teach people how to make money online.

About the Owner of the Website

My name is Imam M Kamara and I'm The owner of The Best Products No.1 website. I bear Diplomas in Business management and Telecommunication Engineering. I'm married and I have children.
Currently, I do affiliate marketing online, article writing, translation etc.
Previously, I was employed by a large telecommunication company for two decades. During my  professional journey, I practiced different kinds of jobs at different sections, and most of my tasks were technical jobs. 

As you can see, I acquired a variety of professional skills that assisted me to go forward. Thus, I was ranked several times to different positions; the last one was Senior Engineer of telecommunications,

but I decided to quit my job in 2019.​ 






       Kamara with his family

Why did I leave my responsible position?

Well, in 2019, the company which I used to work at, faced serious financial difficulties that forced it

to dismiss several hundreds of its employees. For this reason, I decided to leave my job respectfully.

Why did I choose affiliate marketing online?

As we all know, our world is changing constantly. The Covin-19 Pandemic taught us an unforgettable lesson. 
The dangerous disease that struck the whole world simultaneously, killed a lot of people and destroyed the world economy, made us think that our world may not be the same as before.
Due to this fatal enemy, many companies and markets have been closed down permanently. As a result,

a lot of employees lost their jobs and people became scared to meet each other.
We all are aware that this Corona virus can spread rapidly among the group of people who meet at the same place, especially closed areas; like offices or markets. 







Covin-19 changed our world
This made us believe that the world’s economy will certainly be an online business, and the best way to make that possible is to work online through the telecommunications services; including internet and websites. 
As you can see, the creation of websites and working online have become necessary to run business and make money safely.
For this reason, I chose affiliate marketing, because it is the safe and easy way to run a profitable business  online and make business with people all over the world and make money while sitting at home.

Written by 

Imam M. Kamara




Laptop is an important tool
for online business

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Laptop is an important tool for online business.jpg
Corrona virus changed our world.jpg

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